DHS is one of eight companies to receive funding in NHS England’s SBRI Healthcare programme

October 21, 2013

The funding provided by NHS England under the SBRI Healthcare and directed by Eastern AHSN programme gives Dynamic Health Systems and the charity, Sue Ryder, the opportunity to research the care management needs of people in palliative care and how these needs could be addressed through digital services for both patients and carers. Having already spoken with close to 100 patients, a pattern of problems and solutions is emerging that could significantly improve service provision, patient empowerment and sense of control, leading to a much improved service experience.

NHS England selects VitruCare as a case study for Individual Participation

September 25, 2013

NHS England launched the guidance document “Transforming Participation in Health and Care” for commissioners. The guide is intended to help “clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) and other commissioners of health and care services to involve patients and carers in decisions relating to care and treatment.” 

The sophisticated document, that includes many videos and links, draws attention to innovations that NHS England would like to put forward as examples of how clinical commissioning groups can transform individual participation in health and care.

Page 24 of the guide presents the case studies and viewpoints on individual participation. A direct link to the individual case study describing VitruCare can be found here.

DHS at the Healthcare Innovation Expo 2013

March 13/14, 2013

The NHS Commissioning Board chose the 2013 Expo to sponsor and launch a new NHS Apps Library:

“NHS Commissioning Board launches library of NHS-reviewed phone apps to help keep people healthy”

“The first iteration of the library, and the 10 new apps, were launched at the NHS Innovation Expo conference on 13 and14 March 2013 in London. Delegates are able to see the new apps for the first time in a special ‘Apps Zone’ at the Expo. The Apps are published in the new NHS Choices ‘Apps Library‘ of approved apps.”

DHS was invited to present VitruCare as one of the first ten Apps to feature in the library.

VitruCare featuring in the AppsZone

The AppsZone presentation was a great opportunity to bring VitruCare to your attention. We were very pleased to see so many of you come and visit us at our stand in the 3 Million Lives Hi Impact Innovation Zone. Thank you for your interest. We enjoyed many good discussions with lots of follow up actions.

The work of DHS presented by the UK Department of Health as an example of the future of the NHS

Jeremy Hunt challenges NHS to go paperless by 2018

January 16, 2013

Better use of IT could save more than £4billion and reduce hassle for patients and staff

The NHS should go paperless by 2018 to save billions, improve services and help meet the challenges of an ageing population, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt will say today.
Jeremy Hunt said:

“The NHS cannot be the last man standing as the rest of the economy embraces the technology revolution. It is crazy that paramedics cannot access a full medical history of someone they are picking up in an emergency – and that GPs and hospitals still struggle to share digital records.

RH JHunt with VC.jpg
Previous attempts to crack this became a top down project akin to building an aircraft carrier. We need to learn those lessons – and in particular avoid the pitfalls of a hugely complex, centrally specified approach. Only with world class information systems will the NHS deliver world class care.”

Tim Kelsey, National Director for Patients and Information in the NHS Commissioning Board, said:

“I welcome Jeremy Hunt’s challenge to unleash the power of information and technology for patients and those who serve them. We are committed to transforming transparency and participation in the NHS – the digital data revolution is key to improving outcomes and putting patients and carers more in control.” 

Bradford GP Dr Shahid Ali has already introduced technical innovations in his practice. These include online tools which help his patients manage their own conditions, by identifying the health problems they have which can be reduced through lifestyle changes, and supporting them through those changes. He said:

“The experience in my practice has been that the ability for patients to access actionable personal medical information about their own healthcare and clinical conditions changes the doctor-patient relationship in a very positive way. Patients gain a much greater understanding of their own health, which allows them to work with their GPs to set their own healthcare goals – and reach them.

“Online access is about harnessing patient power and enabling them to have the right information to make the right choices for their own unique circumstances and health needs. Helping patients to take control makes their experience of receiving care much more positive. As communications technology advances and this type of relationship becomes much more achievable, doctors all over the country are increasingly recognising the benefits of empowering patients, both for themselves and for the people they serve.”

Jeremy Hunt’s speech came as two new reports were published which demonstrate the potential benefits to staff and patients of greater use of digital technology in the NHS.

Dynamic Health Systems partners with TPP over VitruCare™ Service

BRADFORD, Monday 26 November 2012

TPP and start-up company Dynamic Health Systems Ltd (DHS) are to become partners following the launch of a new internet service for patients with long term conditions. VitruCare​​™ is an Internet delivered ‘selfcare’ service that allows the patient, with the continued support of the GP, to come to decisions using electronically held clinical data in order to change their lifestyle to improve their overall health. ​

DHS is a company that brings together highly experienced clinicians, from both primary and secondary care, combining their expertise in the management of long-term conditions with that of professional design engineers. VitruCare is the result of two years hard work; a web based service that delivers continuous care by connecting patients with their GP.

VitruCare will link with SystmOne and display vital patient information to the patient and allows data inputted by the patient to be visible to the GP. The service allows patients to monitor their success through personal goal setting & achievements – delivering personalised care. In line with personalisation it will also allow consultations to take place virtually.

Dr Shahid Ali, besides working as a GP, is Director of Integrated Care Commissioning for Dynamic Health Systems. His past projects around extended consultations for patients with Long Term Conditions and his involvement in the Bradford e-Consultations project has already brought impressive results, displaying a significant reduction in both A&E and Outpatient admissions for patients in the Bradford region.

Dr Ali says “VitruCare has very similar aims to SystmOne, in that we believe in information being delivered, at the right time, in a personalised context and in the right place. Historically we have found that in the NHS way of working patients became ‘passengers in their care’, reinforced with GPs taking an instructional approach. We have changed that. VitruCare will support the dialogue between patient and GP that is tuned to the person, the moment and channel, integrating care delivery to include the patient. The partnership with TPP is essential to deliver the scale needed and make an impact on the NHS”.

Dr John Parry, Clinical Director at TPP, says the company is delighted to be the only clinical system to partner with Dynamic Health Systems. “Often the patient is left out of the loop when it comes to their care. We believe VitruCare can be the missing link in getting the most complex patients involved in goal setting, engaged in communication and ultimately, making better choices for their lifestyles. This tool goes a step further than traditional web services by providing a two-way dialogue where information is the key.”

Dr Shahid Ali will be talking alongside his colleagues from Dynamic Health Systems in a breakfast workshop at the King’s Fund Annual Conference on Wednesday 28th November 2012.​