Co-creating healthcare

Completed practical clinical work shows the effectiveness of new ways of working and the user centred technology design method demonstrates its transformational capability.

Currently several cohorts of of very different patients with differing care needs are using DHS’ solutions in their daily lives and achieve results to improve their lives and health.​ An increasing number of patients in the London, Bradford and Shropshire areas is using VitruCare. Patients in care homes reach their doctor using video consultations. We are working with the Buckinghamshire Healthcare Trust to bring VitruCare to patients living with a specialist health issue. In Shropshire we have started work to support patients receiving chemotherapy.

These deployments demonstrate the versatility of the VitruCare digital health services platform. We find that in each clinical setting, patient engagement in co-creating their care improves health outcomes, improves the experience patients have with the NHS and enable healthcare professionals to do more with their time.

VitruCare has to date been deployed in a range of use cases across a number of primary and secondary care settings:

New possibilities are identified frequently by leveraging the platform for more patient groups. Click the links above to find out more and view the video to hear patients and clinicians talk about their experience. Click here to see what NHS England writes about VitruCare.



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