Why we do it

Our Mission

Our vision is to personalise and integrate healthcare to improve patient health outcomes, care professional productivity and the lives of populations across the world.

What People Are Saying

‘We need to tear up the design flaw in the 1948 NHS model where family doctors were organised entirely separately from hospital specialists and where patients with chronic health conditions are increasingly passed from pillar to post between different bits of health and social services.’

Simon Stevens – CEO NHS England

“The importance of active patient transactions with their practice, including online access to their medical record by spring ‘15, and participation in planning, managing and deciding their care and treatment using self-care and personalisation utilising ‘kite-marked’ mobile apps and monitoring devices to support healthy lifestyles

Simon Stevens – CEO NHS England

We believe that getting better “health value” for patients with each pound spent is a realistic prospect and by far the best strategy for closing the funding gap. Getting better health value for patients means improving productivity. But improving productivity doesn’t mean dedicated doctors, nurses and managers working even longer and harder. It means everyone working differently and smarter. It means altering or completely reshaping services so they give patients the same or better quality and experience of care for less money.”

Dynamic Health Systems

The answer lies in the creation of a different conversation between healthcare teams and patients enabled by the VitruCare® platform, demonstrating excellent results time after time.

This creates a positive upwards spiral, illustrated by a new “goggles diagram”, shown below.

DHS have analysed the challenge facing health and social care and is summarised it in a “goggles” diagram above. Internal challenges conflated by patient expectations create an unsustainable service environment.


Patient Engagement


Care Integration

We developed and deployed at scale a turnkey award-winning, versatile and scalable digital Patient Engagement Platform called VitruCare® to deliver personalised healthcare for wellness, prevention, management of longterm conditions and end of life care.

Our Services

Long Term Conditions

Management of conditions such Mental Health, Diabetes, Hypertension and many more.

Cancer Chemotherapy

Using VitruCare® to self monitor at home, receive personalized information about their treatment and communicate in real time with their specialty clinicians.

Mental Health

VitruCare® with built in Artificial Intelligence to guide patients through self-care and triage in real time for high levels of engegment, self care and appropriate input when required.

Complex Care

Using VitruCare® to manage End of Life care working with patients and their extended care team

Student Health

University students using VitruCare® for information, direct and social media marketing of health messages and supporting their Mental Health

Cardiac Rehab

Professionals working with patients in their own homes to deliver a full program of Cardiac Rehab using VitruCare®

Pulmonary Rehab

Professionals working with patients in their own homes to deliver a full program of Pulmonary Rehab using VitruCare®

Digital Health Marketing

Large scale Digital Marketing for populations for health management, for example the KnowDiabetes Service in London

Integrated Health & Social Care

Social Care engages with and manages clients. Prescribing performs or manages services for clients. Interoperability enables GPs to refer patients. Sharing data appropriately enables collaboration between the services. Social Prescribers in Lincolnshire already work with the VitruCare platform.

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