What we do

Engage Patients in Co-Creating Their Health

Integrating Patients, Doctors and Care Teams

Recognising that healthcare needs to transform, we set out to engage and activate people into improving their health. We do this by helping them set health goals they would like to achieve and enable them to understand how their lifestyle choices impact their health.

Our digital platform, VitruCare®, connects patients and citizens with their health and care teams via data sharing, messaging and video conferencing, all supported by DHS’ innovative digital care assistant, DHSAssist®. Interoperability enables patients, clients and professionals to work with up to date information from regional clinical systems.

A population is of course a large collection of individuals. By personalising the user experience for each citizen, patient and professional, we engage citizens and patients with their health at population scale, enable professionals to focus on those who need and in the process generate health intelligence for populations. In partnership with our customers we transform productivity and health outcomes across regions.

VitruCare® deployed in Primary and Secondary Care settings

– Long Term Conditions such as diabetes and mental health

– End of Life Care

– Specialist Rehabilitation

– Cancer Care

New possibilities are identified frequently by leveraging the platform for more patient groups.

Hear what patients and clinicians say about their experience with VitruCare® .

Dynamic Health Systems


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