VitruCare at the University of Lincoln

For new students, life at university is exciting – but it can also seem a bit daunting at times. There are new things to learn and new ways to do things. The University of Lincoln has been using the VitruCare digital platform to help deliver ‘how to’ advice to its students.

Whether it is via monthly newsletters that contain health and wellbeing advice, a web-based app that offers a wide range of information, signposting and health tracking tools, or the University’s innovative ‘bot approach, students can use VitruCare and immediately get answers to their queries and questions.

Signposting is available across many domains, ranging from health care to mental wellbeing, academic support and matters financial, as well as many others. The VitruCare ‘bot is embedded in the University Health Service and Student Support websites, available 365 days a year and providing valuable support to all.

Selfcare trackers
Daily wellbeing monitoring
VitruCare ‘bot

Moving forward, VitruCare will be used increasingly to support wellness, as well as health condition management. If you’re a student at the University of Lincoln, the information you need will be in your hands, 24/7.

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