Dynamic Health Systems partners with TPP over VitruCare™ Service

BRADFORD, Monday 26 November 2012

TPP and start-up company Dynamic Health Systems Ltd (DHS) are to become partners following the launch of a new internet service for patients with long term conditions. VitruCare​​™ is an Internet delivered ‘selfcare’ service that allows the patient, with the continued support of the GP, to come to decisions using electronically held clinical data in order to change their lifestyle to improve their overall health. ​

DHS is a company that brings together highly experienced clinicians, from both primary and secondary care, combining their expertise in the management of long-term conditions with that of professional design engineers. VitruCare is the result of two years hard work; a web based service that delivers continuous care by connecting patients with their GP.

VitruCare will link with SystmOne and display vital patient information to the patient and allows data inputted by the patient to be visible to the GP. The service allows patients to monitor their success through personal goal setting & achievements – delivering personalised care. In line with personalisation it will also allow consultations to take place virtually.

Dr Shahid Ali, besides working as a GP, is Director of Integrated Care Commissioning for Dynamic Health Systems. His past projects around extended consultations for patients with Long Term Conditions and his involvement in the Bradford e-Consultations project has already brought impressive results, displaying a significant reduction in both A&E and Outpatient admissions for patients in the Bradford region.

Dr Ali says “VitruCare has very similar aims to SystmOne, in that we believe in information being delivered, at the right time, in a personalised context and in the right place. Historically we have found that in the NHS way of working patients became ‘passengers in their care’, reinforced with GPs taking an instructional approach. We have changed that. VitruCare will support the dialogue between patient and GP that is tuned to the person, the moment and channel, integrating care delivery to include the patient. The partnership with TPP is essential to deliver the scale needed and make an impact on the NHS”.

Dr John Parry, Clinical Director at TPP, says the company is delighted to be the only clinical system to partner with Dynamic Health Systems. “Often the patient is left out of the loop when it comes to their care. We believe VitruCare can be the missing link in getting the most complex patients involved in goal setting, engaged in communication and ultimately, making better choices for their lifestyles. This tool goes a step further than traditional web services by providing a two-way dialogue where information is the key.”

Dr Shahid Ali will be talking alongside his colleagues from Dynamic Health Systems in a breakfast workshop at the King’s Fund Annual Conference on Wednesday 28th November 2012.​

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