SaTH wins HSJ Patient Safety Awards 2017

Congratulations to the SaTH team with this important award! Recognition from a national forum for the “triple win” of improving patient safety and patient experience while at the same time reducing inpatient days for patients undergoing chemotherapy.

At DHS we are very pleased that VitruCare played a role in enabling patients, nurses and doctors to innovate their working practices and make major steps to improve patient care and achieve their desired outcomes while enhancing safety.


4th July 2017

Shrewsbury and Telford Hospitals Trust: Enabling citizens to actively self manage their cancer care

From Health Services Journal:

In association with Macmillan Cancer Care

Patient facing digital health services have enormous potential to improve patient safety, service quality, user experience and productivity.

In a project using the Vitrucare platform, teams at the Shrewsbury and Telford Hospitals Trust are able to offer highly patient focused services that allow people receiving chemotherapy to self monitor for important side effects of treatment, receive relevant multimedia information and, when necessary be in immediate contact with the local 24/7 Care Coordination Centre telephone ‘hotline’.

The approach has led to the appropriate avoidance of unplanned admissions to hospital and high levels of patient satisfaction.

The judges felt that the winning team was able to demonstrate how using digital technology, individual patient knowledge and clinical time, it is possible to achieve significant improvement in outcomes.

The work at SaTH was made possible by the financial support of the Lingen Davies Cancer Fund. Please click here for their news story on the award.

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